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609 North 10th Street

Sacramento, Ca. 95811


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Our First Ever 'SALE'

30% Off Most Items


Come in to our Antique Shop and

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Slater's Antiques

The Twisted Lady

(The Twisted Lady specializes in Barley Twist Items)




We have something for Everyone


Wardrobes, Sideboards, Tea Trolleys, Tables & Chairs, Hutches, Clocks, Old Carriage & Bicycle Lamps, Stools, Bookcases, Clocks, Deco Bars, Bread Tins, Kitchen Tins, Halltrees, Stained Glass and Doors with Stained Glass in them, Victorian Stained Glass, Chandeliers, Clocks, Solid Walnut Renaissance Bed with matching Marble top Dresser (A Must See),Washstands, Nightstands, Dressers, Chests, Victorian Barometers, Clocks, Barely Twist Candlesticks & Open Barley Twist Candlesticks, and Mirrors, Beautiful Mirrors and Clocks, Clocks, CLOCKS!!!


We have many Wonderful Mirrors, Etched and Colored too....still the Best

in this Area


Barley Twist, Barley Twist, Barley Twist; some Items like you've never seen before!!


We do all of our own Buying, so we know our Merchandise

is always the Greatest Quality and Price!!!

To see just a few of the Awesome Items In on the links above

Welcome to Slater's Antiques and the Twisted Lady; this is our Original Store


We've been at this location for over 35 Years now. "The Twisted Lady" is an extension of Slater's Antiques, featuring many "Barley Twist" Items.

Our aim is and always will be; to bring you the 'Very Best Quality Antiques' at the 'Very BEST Prices' !!

We are located at 609 North 10th St. , just off Richards Blvd. in Sacramento.
(About one Block from the corner, on the Right side of the Street)


The 'Best' Location...
The 'Best' Prices !!!!

The Best Antique Shopping Area in Sacramento

We do most of our own Buying in Wales, England, Scotland and Eastern Europe.. We are very picky about the quality of the items we buy; so that's good for you 'Our Customer'!

We want to offer you items of a quality and style that you will not find in any other store in the Sacramento area.


Our Normal Hours are: Wednesday thru Friday

10:00 A.M. until 4:00 P.M.

On Saturdays, we are open from 10:00 AM until 3:00 PM

Great Stuff, Come on Down and See for Yourself!!

Thank YOU for looking !!


**We are an Official EZ Way Restoration Products Distributor**

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